Complete used foundry for sale (ex DGH Sand Casting)

Friedrichshafen, Germany

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Great opportunity to buy a complete aluminium sand casting company including all necessary machinery, energy supply, conveying systems and also consisting of the fastest sand moulding department in Europe which is not only fast but also flexible enough for high range output products and product changes in short time. Formerly produced for customers like famous car and heating system producers. Used foundry for sale:


Also availabe is the complete real estate together with the production located quite near to the lake Constance in the south of Germany.

Key Investment Highlights

1) High production width and depth in the area of aluminum sand casting.

– DGH is a specialist in aluminum sand casting for complex and demanding parts in the automotive and energy and thermal engineering sectors

– Certified production and accreditation at long-standing customers with long supply relationships and high flexibility as well as competence in prototyping and production development and series supply

2) Sustainable supply relationships with e-mobility and heating technology components

– DGH has extensive product experience in the field of e-mobility, such as battery housings, e-drive components and cross-members in various series scopes and development projects

– Series production development for heat exchangers and active components with critical power-to-weight ratios in the field of heating technology and automotive industry

3) Project experience with major customers in development and series

– Competence from development to prototypes to highly flexible production from small to large series

– Complex solutions for new drive concepts, structural and lightweight components, energy and thermal engineering

– Manufacturing capability across the entire value chain from casting to assembled component

4) Extensive customer base and series supply relationships with certifications

– Well-known customers from the automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial sectors, e.g. VW, Porsche, Audi, MAN and Vaillant

– Certified with customers and in the areas of quality, environment, health and energy management

5) Use of the property

– The properties are also for sale or lend and can to become part of the business acquisition through purchase

Features and assets foundry equipment for sale

• Seven core shooters, some fully automatic and interlinked: 12-60 liter

• Interlinked molding line with up to 200 molds per hour, box size: 900 x 710 x 300/300 mm

• Automated casting process with two casting robots, cycle time 18 seconds

• Deburring, cleaning, blasting, X-ray, heat treatment, seal testing, coating and painting

The foundry consists of the following key assets:

1x DEMAG Electric Chain Hoist, 3x BALZER Transport Pans (TBN1100 / TTEHF1200 / TTEHF800), 1x BALZER TTEHF800 Transport Pan, 1x BALZER WGK 4000 / 10000 Aluminum Melting Furnace, 1x KREIZLER KIB 20/041 Working Platform, 1x ZDF Therm KWOA-G15 Holding Oven, 4x BALZER TTEHF1200 Transport Pans, 1x STRIKO WMHOR-T 5000/1500 G-EG Aluminum Melting Furnace, 1x ZPF Therm ZPF 8000 S-G3 T8 Aluminum Melting Furnace, 1x ZPF Therm ZPF 5000 S-G 1.5 TS Aluminum Melting Furnace, 1x BALZER Furnace System (6 Spaces for Transport Pans), 3x BALZER TTEHF1200 Aluminum Melting Furnaces, Control and Switchgear Cabinets, 2x FOSECO Roto-Rail Movable Gassing Units, Linear Portal, 3x IDECO TA-748 Thermoanalysis Devices, 2x MK 3VTLC/ NDLC Vacuum Density Measurement Devices, 1x IDECO Density Index DI-Meta Laboratory Scale.

Directly available. Location: Friedrichshafen, Germany (additional services available; such as professional dismantling, loading and/or international transport).

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ManufacturerComplete foundry
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