2011 SAOMAD Woodpecker 30 CNC machining center for sale

Zurich area, Switzerland

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SAOMAD Woodpecker 30:

Flexible CNC machining centre for the pre-finished realization of windows and doors.


Woodpecker is a modular CNC machining centre. Thanks to its different possibilities of configuration, it is possible to obtain:

All shape of windows, all shape of doors-windows, inside doors, shutters, small gates, fully reversibile windows, furniture doors, stairs parts, lamellar beams and many other products.


Woodpecker advantages:

- Complete automation of the working cycles

- Energy saving and power consumption reduced thanks to an effective dust extraction system

- Huge flexibility for each type of doors and windows

- Big quality precision and finishing

- Skilled workers not necessary

- Execution of the orders in total autonomy

- Integration with other machines

- Big number of tools always available

- Working plan with automatic bars

- Interface with all European software for the transmission of the orders directly from the office, through an internal net or a simple USB key.



Loading and unloading tables 20 pieces. The machine can work in full autonomy; at the same time the operator can assemble the parts on the press or doing something else. Group chariot with clamps: this system assures a perfect clamping of the piece, for any profile or section.



Electro spindle “T1” (or “T2” if it is equipped with the C axis), 17kW with HSKE63 quick coupling, for all the tenoning and profiling workings.

Electro spindle with 5 axis “T5”, 12 kW with HSKE63 quick coupling, for all the inclined drilling and milling workings.

Head “T7”: group with 7 independent units and an electro spindle 17kW, with HSKE63 quick coupling. The drilling units make at the highest speed the following workings: 45° cut of the glass stop beam, water evacuation holes, drilling for dowels, milling for hinges and keyholes cylinders, handle holes, drilling for reversible windows. The electro spindle makes the tenoning and profiling workings.



Automatic longitudinal positioning of the working plan. With this device it is possible to work, besides doors and windows, also parts of furniture, stairs, etc…



On Woodpecker, it is possible to install automatic tools change system, from 24 to 128 positions, and even more. On Woodpecker the spindles are 240 mm long, so on each position it is possible to install many tools.


Technical data: Fully automatic woodworking centre with 56 tools (space for more available), 2 large motors for tool sets, 1 combination unit with various permanently installed tools.

Directly available. Location: Zürich area, Switzerland (additional services available, such as professional dismantling, loading and/or international transport).

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ModelWoodpecker 30
Serial Number6SL3120-2TE21-8AA3/SINAMICS S120 Double