2010 FOREST-LINÉ Flexiax 410 CNC machining centre and 2015 SURFI-METAL paint booth for sale

Toulouse area, France



various industrial machines, like our 2nd hand FOREST-LINÉ Flexiax 410 CNC machining center, SURFI-METAL paint booth and LAPMASTER LBVS700 lapping machine. All originating from a a French trunnion mounted ball valves designer and manufacturer mainly dedicated to the oil and gas industry supplying fully customized solution with premium engineering for complex and severe applications near Toulouse, France. These directly available used CNC machining center, lapping machine and paint booth that we have for sale, were manufactured in 2021, 2015 and 2010.

FOREST-LINÉ Flexiax 410 machining centre set consisting of:

– 1 ISO 50 cone holder

– 5 loading/unloading stations with fixing table dimensions 1000mm x 960mm, this allows several parts to be positioned at the same time

– 1 rotating transfer station allowing the change of parts from one position to another

– 1 OMSAT chip conveyor type: PAS 65

– 1 Automated storage and tool change, storage capacity: 100 locations with transfer robots

– 1 OMSAT Type FGPO 300 hydraulic cutting oil station

– 1 HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT for machining center operation

– 1 DELTA NEU filter suction Type: DELTOLE C2000 + VENT.35-0,6

– Tool cabinets

– 5 tool carriages with different cones and drill bits for drilling and milling

– 1 range of documents of all kinds (technical document, invoice, good intervention)

Everything is controlled by a NUM control panel with NUMPASS HMI control system.

SURFI-METAL paint booth:

Equipped with a sunroof for moving large parts with the help of a bridge. CIAT integrated ventilation/air extraction system capacity 32000m3/h, sold without fire extinguishing system.


ModelFlexiax 410
Dimensions:5000mm x 5300mm x H 3400mm